What You Need To Know About Worsted Wool

Wool fabric has been used for hundreds of years as a fashion staple. Even today, wool remains as one of the premier options for men looking to make a strong impression at work or on a night out. Wool has stayed at the top of the luxury fashion world because it is extremely comfortable, has an attractive look, and is a resilient and versatile fabric. Unlike other fabrics, wool can be worn in nearly every season to create dramatic effect.

So What Is Worsted?

So what is worsted wool? Worsted wool is a specific type of wool fabric. Worsted is a particular type of combed yarn that is popular in men’s fashion. Combed yarns for worsted wool are made with long wool fibers that produce fine, smooth yarn. The look has a glossy finish and can expected to be long lasting. Combed yarn is different than carded yarn, which is produced in a way that maintains the short wool fibers. Combed yarn tends to have the fuzzy, muzzled look that some associated with wool fabrics. Over time, the fuzzy look on carded yarn fabrics can become a matte. Worsted wool uses long wool fibers and the result is a high-quality, glossy fabric that lasts for the long term.

Lighter Worsted Fabric Doesn’t Always Equal Better

One of the draws for designers these days is lighter fabrics. More menswear outlets are pushing lighter fabrics at higher prices. But lighter worsted isn’t necessarily better than a heavier fabric in every situation. Would you rather wear a lightweight worsted fabric in the winter months or a heavier overcoat? Choose the worsted that is best for you, not just the fabric that is lighter. Another example is the idea that heavier fabrics must always be hotter than lighter ones. But the feel is about how the worsted was woven more than anything. A heavier, open weave fresco fabric can feel relatively cool on a summer day while a lighter, tightly woven fabric can feel hot and uncomfortable in the same environment.

Worsted yarns are going to produce stronger, finer, smoother fabrics that are more closely woven than combed yarns. Worsted fabrics have distinct patterns and tend to be more expensive than fabrics from combed yarns. Choosing the right worsted suit is about your specific needs and what you feel comfortable in. Do you like heavier or lighter fabrics? What are you willing to pay for a finely woven fabric? Think about that next time you go in to purchase a worsted.

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