The Classy Guide to Pairing Bridal and Groomsmen Colors

Finding a wedding dress that you adore is never going to be a problem, but it can definitely be hard to match that perfect dress with what the groom is going to be wearing! Although it usually isn’t feasible to try on the wedding dress and the groom’s suit together in the weeks beforehand, you can definitely coordinate the colour schemes and make sure that you guys are on the same page. After all, you definitely want to make a big impression on the first day you’ll be officially together as a married couple. Here’s a few great choices for you two on your big day:

Going Vintage

There’s nothing wrong with going vintage and showcasing your sense of style. Vintage weddings have long been a popular choice, and wearing a lace dress can absolutely make for a stunning occasion. A great vintage, rustic option for the groom is a vest with khaki pants and a bow tie, or even a tan suit.

Dressing With Elegance

Going for that elegant look? If you want to make sure that your wedding ceremony has a strong sense of fashion, then you might want to choose a ball gown made from satin fabrics. A strong option for the groom is to choose a tuxedo in order to match the look. The tuxedo-ball gown pairing will definitely make you two look well-dressed, and the compliments will be pouring in.

Making Things Simple

Looking for a destination wedding? If you are getting married on the beach, there’s no need to wear a tuxedo and to make things complicated. Keep things simple and dress the guy in khaki pants and a low key white button up. The bride can wear a chiffon dress. Destination weddings can be absolutely stunning, even if you aren’t dressed up in the most expensive clothes.

The groom should also coordinate colours with his groomsmen, but the accessories should set him apart. The groomsmen might all have on the same suit or tux as the groom, but the groom’s accessories—such as a particular tie, vest, cuff links, or bow tie can really set him apart. He might also want to wear a slightly different colour palette than the groomsmen in order to showcase his special status. Make sure to coordinate early on in order to avoid any fashion surprises at the last moment!

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