Custom Men's Shirts - Beware of Poor Quality

There are some people who believe that just because a menswear product is in style or expensive that it is going to look good on them. Nothing could be further from the truth. The most important thing about any article of clothing isn’t the price, the fabric, or its popularity. The most important thing is the fit. An ill fitting shirt can make you look bad, no matter how expensive it is. The moral of the story is that you want to make sure you stay away from clothes that don’t fit well. And there are plenty of shirts out there that are going to fit you poorly! Finding the shirts that fit you well is how you are going to improve your fashion. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to look good. You just need clothes that fit. Here’s a look at how that custom made shirt that you bought should fit:

How The Collar Should Fit
When your shirt collar doesn’t fit, your entire outfit gets thrown off. If your collar is too tight, then it will give your neck a muffin top look. And if your collar is too loose, the gap between your neck and the collar is quite noticeable. You want a fit that makes your collar touch the skin on your neck all the way around, but that doesn’t pinch or press up against it uncomfortably.

How The Shoulder Should Fit
If the shoulders are too tight, then your sleeves will pull towards your chest and cause wrinkles. If the shoulder fit is too loose, then the shirt will slump and probably make you look a bit chubby. You want a should fit that doesn’t cause any tugging or pulling feeling while you move around, but that isn’t big enough where the shirt looks loose.

How The Torso Should Fit
If the torso fit is too tight, then your buttons will have major issues closing. If your torso fit is too loose, then your shirt will have a muffin top look around the waist area above the belt. You want a shirt that can be easily buttoned and tucked in without billowing.

How The Sleeves Should Fit
If your sleeves are too tight, you’ll feel a squeezing or pinching feeling when you move your arms. If the sleeves are too loose, then there will be plenty of folds and excess fabric. You want the sleeve to be a bit wider than the cuff at the upper arm so that your arm can move without restriction.

How Long Should The Dress Shirt Be?
If your shirt is too short, it won’t be long enough to cover your belt line, while if it is too long, it will hang down past your hands. Ideally, a fitting shirt will end just a few inches below your belt line.

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