Introductory Blog Piece – How The Internet Has Changed Fashion

The internet has changed fashion forever. Before the days of online shopping and social media, fashion was a very insular, closed off world. Fashion designers didn’t always interact with the people who ultimately bought their pieces and wore them in their everyday lives. And models were hardly accessible at all. Today, our high-speed, always connected world has changed fashion. Almost anyone can become a model overnight by using Instagram, and Twitter allows us to connect with our favourite designers and brands instantly. As a result, fashion has become a more collaborative process with more insight from consumers. Fashion has also found that its cycles between trends and styles are speeding up, as the 24-hour news cycle is constantly pushing for new information and new fashion. Let’s look at some of the ways that the internet has changed the world of fashion.

It Has Made Fashion More Accessible

It used to be much harder to find that perfect dress that you saw in the magazine in the local department store. But these days, shopping is easier than ever. With eBay, Amazon, and thousands of other eCommerce stores just a few smartphone taps away, anyone can find the perfect style on their favourite brand’s app. With fashion more accessible, you are seeing more people get into the industry and launching their own brands, blogs, and designs.

It Has Connected Designers and the Public

Ever try talking to a designer before the internet? Good luck right? But these days, talking to your favorite designer is as easy as sending a Tweet or commenting on Instagram. The instant connectivity gives you a chance to see what your favorite designers and stylists are thinking when they are making critical fashion decisions. This is insight that was previously restricted to only the most connected in the fashion universe.

It Has Quickened Fashion Cycles

Styles used to last for several years. Now you’re lucky if a style lasts for several months. The quickening of the fashion cycle pace is a byproduct of the internet and constant connectivity. Seeing how quickly new trends arise can be fun, but it can also be dizzying to try and keep up with all of the new changes. But social media also helps in that department. Instead of waiting for a monthly magazine to come in, you can easily hop on Instagram or the latest blog and see all of the featured fashion of the day.

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