Five Tips Every Man Should Know About Choosing a Tie

Ties might seem like a relatively small article of men’s clothing, but they pack a big punch. Share This Link on Facebook.

Ties aren’t just for businessman, they are also a powerful tool in the world of fashion.

Ties are used to bring together the disparate elements of a man’s outfit. The size, texture, and colour of a tie helps to complement a man’s suit and shirt and help an outfit reach its full potential. But you can’t just choose any tie off the shelf and expect it to maximize your look. You have to choose a tie that fits your specific outfit and complements what you are already wearing. Here’s how you can start choosing ties that make the most out of your shirts and suits.

The Length and Width of Your Tie is Important

Have you ever seen someone wear a tie that hits half way down their chest? Or a tie that is so long it seems to be aiming for the knees? Ties should always run right to the beltline, no matter how tall or short the wearer may be. Ties that are too long or too short are an eye sore that holds back an outfit. Even if the rest of your look is pulled together well, an odd tie will draw the eye and take away from the whole look.

Colour Balance Matters

There are countless of colours for suit wearers to choose from, but it is critical to remember colour balance. Ideally, you want to choose a tie that has the colours of your suit and your shirt and another colour to provide an accent and balance. Too many colours can make an outfit seem too loud, and one single colour can make an outfit forgettable.

Make Sure The Pattern Doesn’t Clash

So you have a tie with the right colours. But is it the right pattern? Generally, you want to make sure that your tie pattern isn’t present on your shirt or your suit. Using the same pattern with a tie and a shirt can create a clash. For example, a dotted shirt and a dotted tie will clash, but a dotted tie with a stripe shirt can look fantastic.

Choose The Right Fabric

The majority of ties are made of silk, because silk ties are highly durable and wrinkle resistant. Silk ties are the standard, but men in warmer climates might choose wool or cotton ties in order to fit with heavier suits. Cashmere ties are also becoming popular for more informal occasions.

Pocket Squares Add A Great Touch

Pocket squares are coming back into prominence, and utilizing them is a creative way to put the final touches on a great outfit. They say you should match your tie to your shirt and suit, not the other way around. You also want your pocket square to compliment your entire outfit versus only matching your tie. If your outfit’s accent colour is green, you might want to choose a solid green pocket square to complete the look.

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