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The Classy Guide to Pairing Bridal and Groomsmen Colors

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Finding a wedding dress that you adore is never going to be a problem, but it can definitely be hard to match that perfect dress with what the groom is going to be wearing! Although it usually isn’t feasible to try on the wedding dress and the groom’s suit together in the weeks beforehand, you can definitely coordinate the colour schemes and make sure that you guys are on the same page. After all, you definitely want to make a big impression on the first day you’ll be officially together as a married couple. Here’s a few great choices for...

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Custom Men's Shirts - Beware of Poor Quality

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There are some people who believe that just because a menswear product is in style or expensive that it is going to look good on them. Nothing could be further from the truth. The most important thing about any article of clothing isn’t the price, the fabric, or its popularity. The most important thing is the fit. An ill fitting shirt can make you look bad, no matter how expensive it is. The moral of the story is that you want to make sure you stay away from clothes that don’t fit well. And there are plenty of shirts out...

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Surviving The Hot Summer In Business Menswear

Dressing with style during the spring and fall months provide you with a wide range of options. When the weather isn’t too cold or too hot, your entire wardrobe is open. But when the summer months start, it can feel like heat and humidity are constricting your fashion options. Luckily, you don’t have to let the hot summer months keep you from being fashionable at work or out on the town. You can dress in business menswear during the summer months without passing out in a pool of sweat. Here’s a few tips for surviving the summer in style. You...

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Introductory Blog Piece – How The Internet Has Changed Fashion

The internet has changed fashion forever. Before the days of online shopping and social media, fashion was a very insular, closed off world. Fashion designers didn’t always interact with the people who ultimately bought their pieces and wore them in their everyday lives. And models were hardly accessible at all. Today, our high-speed, always connected world has changed fashion. Almost anyone can become a model overnight by using Instagram, and Twitter allows us to connect with our favourite designers and brands instantly. As a result, fashion has become a more collaborative process with more insight from consumers. Fashion has also...

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What You Need To Know About Worsted Wool

Wool fabric has been used for hundreds of years as a fashion staple. Even today, wool remains as one of the premier options for men looking to make a strong impression at work or on a night out. Wool has stayed at the top of the luxury fashion world because it is extremely comfortable, has an attractive look, and is a resilient and versatile fabric. Unlike other fabrics, wool can be worn in nearly every season to create dramatic effect. So What Is Worsted? So what is worsted wool? Worsted wool is a specific type of wool fabric. Worsted is...

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